I wear many hats, figurately and metaphorically. Besides the social ones of father, husband, and sibling, I am a retired Waldorf teacher of 25 years who now contracts with the Arts Council of Monterey County as an art teacher to go into various schools and enrich children's lives. When not teaching, I am in my Carmel-by-the-Sea studio doing my art thing or teaching meditation at the Yoga Shala by the Sea. And, of course, I have my writer's hat.

The latter hat is the one I have wanted to wear since high school. My father was a tech writer, which caused me to rebel against the rigid grammatical rules he was subjected to and harassed me by. So, I became a poet. I have authored 11 books, my latest "The Shasta Keys: A Personal Guide to Self-Awareness." Four books are for children and youth. Three are poetry. Besides the children books my books are metaphysical, spiritually oriented.

I will go through phases of writing pending projects. These days, art is the main focus. I am currently working on a series of ekphrastic poems to my more visionary works, combining my two loves.

And when neither writing, teaching, or making art, I will be in Carmel Valley, California, where I live with my family and hike religiously, keeping me healthy and inspiring me in my work.

The following are a couple of quotes that give a good picture of my work.

"I have been looking at your stunning art. It is so deep, straight out of the depths of Deep Soul. And, then other pieces, the Spirit in them is so alive that I am breathless upon feeling the impact of them. You are a brilliant, sensitive and emotional artist. There is something intensely alive or visceral, something extremely organic and connected that is expressed in your beautiful paintings." --Robin Easton, author of Naked in Eden

"Janaka is a loving artist, poet, and teacher. Numerous of his paintings, “Inner Visionary Paintings”, which work with archetypal images, were exhibited on the show. The colors in his paintings and the paintings themselves seem to reach out and touch one’s soul. Janaka shared with us his fascinating on-going spiritual journey and his magnificent poetry. All his works and efforts are to help others find the Peace of their Being. His life exemplifies a Spirit of Oneness, a Spirit of Love." --Alan, Bridging Heaven and Earth

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Author in his Carmel-by-the-Sea studio.

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