Why thank you, Melissa. I do like a lot of his work, both writings and artwork.

The Teachings of Yama

Artwork by author

I bowed to Yama in gratitude for this lesson. “How else are men deluded?”

He smiled. “Come with me.”

We left the man to his fate and followed a path to a village. Upon the path lay a large rope. We saw a group of children running from the village in our direction.

“Quickly,” said Yama, “hide behind these bushes.”

As we crouched behind a bush he held onto one end of the rope. Unseen by the approaching children, he began to wiggle it. The children stopped and giggled. …

A poem about love’s prodding to evolve

Artwork by author

Through love’s forest’s countless miles
hide and seek we play;
one moment a frown, another a smile,
relationship’s night and day.

In a moment still, I hold your hand,
before a whim tells chance to roll its die,
where off to the heavens you may dance,
while into the hells I may cry.

As we go round this spinning wheel,
our game of chase becomes more clear;
as your hand rises, lifting the veil,
everything about you shines more dear.

As prettiness fades before beauty true in the muddy tracks of our together years, you who prod me to open…

A poem about America’s political culture

Photo by L Link on Unsplash

in the halls of power
the echo of shoes snap
payments circulate
in the air currents
while the girders sag
and the paintings of Founding Fathers
become nothing more than wallpaper
impeached each day
by those who wag their lies
in a culture of hateful stories
that not even Twain could believe possible

— Janaka Stagnaro

Thank you for reading. As I have watched the storming of the Capitol, I have felt a renewed fondness for the foundation and ideals that shaped the beginnings of this country. Perhaps the threat of democracy loss shines in my mind’s eye as it…

A poetry prompt

Artwork by author

standing at the front door of my mind
I would listen for that mystical chord
to send me upon the right path
for the day
vague moonbeams
to reach some esoteric academy
beckoning me to travel
to teach me the secrets
of reaching into the drawers of the universe
to pull out a book from that cosmic library

out of some Cheshire Hat
I pulled mantras
and mudras
and asanas that twisted me
into all sorts of configurations
all with hope to strum that chord

then one day standing on the front porch of mortar and stone…

A poem about the love of a son for his mother

Artwork by author

Dear Mother
peering into your eyes
I remember
when I crossed the threshold
into this realm
lying upon your breast
our eyes held
in the Light
of a recognition of a Love
untainted by me’s.

Now staring into your eyes
sunken with time
our eyes again meet
gently locked
in the untainted gaze
as you wait
just a little more
on that threshold
Your wordless smile today
caresses me as it did so long ago
as I stroke your forehead
and fills me
with overflowing gratitude
that bursts my heart
into a thousand pools.

Every lump crease and the hairless…

The hurt we inflict on our children and the love that heals

Art by author

my son, whose eyes glitter with knowing,
whose smile constitutes rays of the sun,
you lovingly shamed me this day
by pleading quiet in my frenzied-anger run.

your eyes reflected what my heart cried to say:
remember the love and the days that shone,
as your mother and I raged as war in your heaven.
what ripples ripple upon you must I own?

if the colors of my heart add hues to your eyes
then augment the dirty red and bracken brown,
with these colors green, pink, and lofty blue —
the seeds of a smile in your future frowns.

You said so much with so little. Beautiful.

Janaka Stagnaro

Poetry, parables, articles — spiritual, life-lessons, education, artwork. 9 books. www.janakasartandbooks.com www.mindfulness-meditation-techniques.com

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