Poetry and articles to reveal, uplift, and tweak the mind a bit

Artwork by Janaka Stagnaro

Welcome to the indexing of my work here on Medium. I trust you will find something here that will uplift, inspire, or maybe make you think twice, whether in a poem or an article. Thank you for reading and happy adventures.

Spiritual Poetry

A poetry prompt

Sitting upon a thoroughly dead mattress
I contemplate a Vogon fate
officious in all its strangulations
goggle-eyed I envision
locked in cubicle blunders with daily reminders
empustulated with daily supplements
of triplicated forms

By any sarcastific barb
I would land any implanted Babel Fish
that would audasticly translate
the micturations…

Poetry prompt about sex and death

Artwork by author

upon the numinous path
the seeker trods
there exists a faint
that festers in the mind
when perceived holy ones
come storming out of temple doors

in this milieu of august company
aspirants avert their eyes
from those at their side
to blind their vision
animated by their groins stirrings

A spiritual poem about walking free of judgment

Artwork by author

Tonight I walked the river trail
behind my home at the foot of the mountain,
bats whirling in a mosquito banquet,
cicadas singing a rain song
to call the river to flow once more,
to cover the stones and send them toward the sea.

As the first stars appeared

A poem and commentary celebrating life’s mud

Photo by author

Your parole gone, the warden sets you free
price now paid, pick up your debris
no life lies straight, filled with curves
many obstacles to weave around and swerve

Realize with no dust upon your tongue
you could sing no textured songs
in purity’s light, your shadow darkens bright

Janaka Stagnaro

Poetry, parables, articles — spiritual, life-lessons, education, artwork. 9 books. www.janakasartandbooks.com www.mindfulness-meditation-techniques.com

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